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Role: UI/UX Designer

Client: Blue Marble Health Co.

Platform: Web

Date: 2020-2023


  • Promotional copy and information about Blue Marble's platform.

  • Information for clinicians and patients alike

  • Designed predominently for pitching Blue Marble's platform to large healthcare companies.

Blue Marble Website



I created mockups of all pages of the Blue Marble Website, designed the UI framework and most of the icons and images for the website, wrote most of the copy, and designed the marketing strategy in collaboration with Blue Marble's CEO and the marketing director. 

The goal was to create a cohesive website that would help Blue Marble market itself to healthcare companies, clinics, individual physical therapists, as well as patients.


The website showcases:

  • Blue Marble's strong background in research-based health solutions

  • The Performance Analytics Tool - the clinician portal that allows clinicians and healthcare administrators to monitor and treat their patient population

  • Health in Motion, the extensive patient app that interfaces seamlessly with the clinician web tools.

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