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Blue Marble Health Co.

Lead Designer  |  2017-2023

Blue Marble Health is a physical therapy telehealth company that creates apps, games, and solutions for clinicians and patients alike. At Blue Marble I was responsible for the design and UI/UX three different products, Health in Motion, the Performance Analytics Tool, and

Health in Motion App


Health in Motion is Blue Marble's patient app. ​It allows patients to perform daily exercises, lessons, and tests, assigned to them by their clinician. The app also has reminders for patients to take their medications, surveys to assess their health on a given day, diary entries and goal setting. The app contains over 100 exercises, exercise customization, and exercise routine creation options. Patients can perform these exercise alongside a 3D avatar that demos the exercises for them. 


  • Designing every new feature for Health in Motion

  • Creating icons, menu elements and UI animations.

  • Overseeing the implementation in the Unity editor by programmers and artists,

  • Working with 3D artists and programmers to implement the application

  • Extensive tweaking of C# scripts

  • Editing 3D scenes and camera angles for exercises and tests.

  • Editing UI layouts and elements in Unity for cohesion, polish

  • Constantly adjusting, polishing and revising to ensure UI/UX usability for older populations.

  • Writing most of the text copy for the app, including exercises, tests, lessons, and menu elements

  • Testing all the features I designed before sending them to the QA team.

  • Working with the stakeholders to convert their ideas into features.

  • Working on specific grants including:

    • A collecting game for children with spinal cord injuries undergoing PT to help them walk again​

    • Games to help people improve their dizziness and vestibular issues.  

    • Lessons and Action Plan surveys for people with COPD and Asthma

Performance Analytics Tool


The Performance Analytics Tool (PAT) is Blue Marble's clinician portal. It allows clinicians to monitor their patients and assign them activities including, tests, lessons, and exercise routines. The tool also allows clinicians to onboard patients into the Health in Motion app, track time spent monitoring each patient, monitor trends related to the patient population as a whole, and assess whether a patient needs special attention due to an adverse health event, amongst many other things.


  • Designing the UI/UX for PAT in illustrator.

  • Designing every new feature including: patient dashboards, patient population dashboards for data visualization, activity assignment, activity scheduling, activity bundle creation, patient account creation, Health in Motion permissions design, and many others.

  • Working with stakeholders to make their ideas reality.  

  • Overseeing the work of web programmers to ensure consistency of functionality and visuals across all pages. 

Blue Marble Website



I created mockups of all pages of the Blue Marble Website, designed the UI framework and most of the icons and images for the website, wrote most of the copy, and designed the marketing strategy in collaboration with Blue Marble's CEO and the marketing director. 

The goal was to create a cohesive website that would help Blue Marble market itself to healthcare companies, clinics, individual physical therapists, as well as patients.


The website showcases:

  • Blue Marble's strong background in research-based health solutions

  • The Performance Analytics Tool - the clinician portal that allows clinicians and healthcare administrators to monitor and treat their patient population

  • Health in Motion, the extensive patient app that interfaces seamlessly with the clinician web tools.

Earlier Employment

Honey Harvest Gameplay 2.jpg

Age of Learning - 2014-2017​

Junior Game Designer on two educational online game platforms, and Adventure Academy.


  • Writing Game Design documentation for hundreds of small educational games

  • Pitching to stakeholders

  • Overseeing games through the programming and art process

  • Rapid prototyping in Unity using C#

Emblematic - 2014


Unity Engineer on a Formula 1 VR experience.



  • Writing C# scripts for timed events, triggered events and animations.

  • Importing and edited character and car animations using unity’s mechanim animation system.

  • 3D modeling and rigged the steering wheel and the hands of the driver, created and edited car textures and 3D models for various car, race track and character assets,

  • Diagrammed step by step character movements for the motion capture of a Formula 1 pit crew.

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