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Performance Analytics Tool

Role: UI/UX Designer

Client: Blue Marble Health Co.

Platform: Web

Date: 2017-2023

The clinician portal for the Health in Motion app. This was where administrators and physical therapists could monitor their patients.

  • The ability to manage Health in Motion users.

  • Creating and assigning exercise routines, tests, and lessons to Health in Motion Users.

  • Extensive analytics tools to analyze patient populations, see who is falling behind on their treatment and who is doing well.

  • Monitor trends related to the patient population as a whole

  • Assess whether a patient needs special attention due to an adverse health event.

  • Time tracking for clinicians.

Pop Dashboard - Staff Stats.jpg

UI/UX Design Challenges

  • Creating data analytics tools that clearly illustrate patient progression over time for both individual patients and in the aggregate for a whole patient population.

  • Creating search filters that allow clinicians to sort patients easily into various groups.

  • Creating a user friendly system for assigning and scheduling activities and permissions for patients.

  • Creating alerts systems to show which patients are not doing well and need a clinician to check in on them.



Population Dashboard​

  • A collection of widgets that allow an administrator to monitor their patient population all in one place.

  • Data displayed it sortable via a filter at the top of the page.

  • Data display is sorted into sections that are relevant to different types of patients and clinicians. 

  • Sections of the page can be enabled/disabled by administrators depending on what they want to see.

Pop Dashboard - Staff Stats.jpg

Reminders Section Modular Design

  • Designed to slot into a larger stack of modules

  • Simple adding, editing, and sorting interface

Filter Module Design

  • Designed to shrink and grow depending on the needs of the page

  • Allows for multiple input types: Multi-select, Single Select, Date Range, etc.

Time Tracking Module 

A page for clinicians to review their time tracking history. 

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